Monday, August 18, 2014

14-15 Preview: Champions League Playoff Leg 1

This will be an interesting tie for Arsenal to play. I am expecting the following changes to occur from the roster. Since Giroud and Monreal came only off the bench on Saturday, the will both start and Gibbs will be out in the back. "Ox-Cham" should be subbed in as Wenger likes to use him in UCL games and with his UCL experience, you might see Flamini in as well.

Let me make it known now that this will not be Arsenal's pairing to win in Istanbul. they will get this one if anywhere back in North London. It is too early in the tournament for them to be winning on the road, but that means that the will not advance if both teams score the same amount of goals and aggregate comes into play. However, a scoreless draw in both matches would be their saving grace and force the Turkish side to win the tie outright. the winner will advance to the UCL group stage with nine other clubs. The loser still plays in the tournament, but the Europa League. in fairness to the draw process, teams that won their leagues cannot play teams that didn't in this round.


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