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Ricky Mazella is the most vocal member of Arsenal America's supporters branch in Western New York. He has led the informal supporter's group at Springfield College in Massachusetts where he had completed a majority of his undergraduate work. In addition to Arsenal, Ricky supports one team in each of the world-renowned leagues in order to keep tabs on what transfers are available as well as keeping an eye on the soccer leagues of the world in sight. He has seen the likes of Ian Wright and Thierry Henry as well as the many other Arsenal legends of the 1990s and 2000s when he began following the club (fully) in 2002. It is the second longest affiliation in the sport (1998), behind only the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer (1996).

Just prior to the start of the 2014-15 season and after Arsenal's community shield victory, the idea came to create the DSA. 

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