Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Gunners are Coming!

Ahead of opening weekend, I've put together how I view the season shaping up. These are based on many variable such as the transfer windows and who is playing non home and away games when. I came up with the following table (Placement; notable fixtures):
  1. Arsenal (mci, stk, CHE)
  2. Chelsea (ARS, LEI, cry)
  3. Palace (che, lei, sot)
  4. Man City (MUN, EVE, LEI)
  5. Saints (WAT, nor)
  6. Spurs (sun, lei)
  7. Liverpool (AVL,LEI, sun)
  8. Everton (NOR, WAT, sun)
  9. Man United (NOR, wat)
  10. Watford (ARS, CHE, liv, cry)
  11. Leicester (CRY, LIV, che)
  12. Newcastle (mun, liv)
  13. West Ham (avlmci)
  14. Stoke (cry, bou)
  15. Swansea (WAT, SUNche, sot)
  16. Norwich (SOT, MCI, mun)
  17. Sunderland (TOT, che, mci)
  18. West Brom (TOT, BOU)
  19. Bournemouth (che, sto)
  20. Villa (NEW, WHUwhu, liv)

Of the three promoted clubs, I see Watford being a strong side both home and away (as I had thought of Leicester last season). Bournemouth can do something similar to that of what Burnley did last season and Norwich is too close to call but for now I have them just inside the 17. Tony Pulis won't last much longer than the festive period - a mistake by West Brom. Sunderland could very well pull another (Roberto Martinez Wigan style) great escape. Leicester's form from the end of season will carry forward. United losing DeGea heavily factors in their position as one of the weaker home sides. Palace continue to improve under Pardew and may even get a top four spot. As for Arsenal and Chelsea, they'll have games that can go either way, but I have the Gunners by two points thanks to a home draw with the Blues and a Palace win at the Bridge - the only home loss for Chelsea with Arsenal unbeaten at the Emirates. Keep in mind that the entire of the above is perspective and based on several externalizations.

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