Saturday, November 22, 2014

14-15 Overview: Matchday 12

It was truly just one of those matches where you can dominate in possession but have just one thing go wrong to be the difference. Gibbs has been in the wrong place at the wrong time before, but for the ball to stay as low as it did was fortunate for united as the ball in meant that the whiff was actually better than originally perceived. Pretty Boy's goal on the counter fast break attack I initially thought was a sliver offside and we were fortunate to escape without DiMaria scoring on virtually the same type of play. Martinez has a good presence in net having to have come on for an injured Szczęsny, but the first time, the elevation of the ball's flight pattern narrowly eluded his right glove hand. As for Giroud's substitution, a bit earlier than originally anticipated with good fitness leading up to the match, was rewarded for his return with the goal in the fifth minute of second half stoppage time. But Arsenal couldn't get it done in the remaining four minutes of stoppage.

Danny Welbeck was surely having only eyes for goal against his side and that was eminent especially in the opening quarter of an hour. Kieran Gibbs despite the own goal, really showed that he wanted to do everything in his power to make up for it. Unlike in years past, his role has changed by the Boss and he wouldn't have treid to make it up before - showing his signs of improvement since coming up from development some years ago. The Wilshere injury will certainly hurt, but there are still many central midfield players still at our disposal. As for United, De Gea indubitably must be the reason why Arsenal lost this match. He was in form given that he sprained a finger during the international break. But the player for me that most impacted United's performance was Danny Valencia. He made good decisions when Arsenal were threatening to score, and when he was out of position he was smart as to determining when and where to make challenges or trying to win the ball without the challenge.

Arsenal have no reason to be disappointed with their performance today, though they've lost three points and have posted their worst seasonal performance since the 1982-83 campaign. I did see a "sack Wenger" banner at the Emirates on the television screen, but I think he is actually a Newcastle supporter as well (not really). Speaking of, they won again today, making it five wins in a row for temporary fourth place until the United defeat of the Gunners. And the other big news of the day, Burnley have won their second in a row - this time it is Stoke who lose at the Turf Moor. Coming into the Gunners match today, places four through twelve have very little breathing room between them as Spurs currently sit in that twelfth spot. That is a better sight than where we are currently, but there is still an opportunity to get back into the top four in the near future.


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